Diary of another engine rebuild

1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25: engine # E8L

Part Three - engine re-assembly


The diary is set out in tabular format with each day's work briefly described.  If you place the cursor over the thumbnail pictures in the right hand column a message will appear stating how many pictures are available and at what size - eg "2 x images - 34&58kb".  If you choose to click to the new page a narrative alongside the pictures will explain points of interest, particular problems or methods of rectification.

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Date - 2006 Job

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12th February Used a Dremel to polish the outside of the cam bearings to remove the last traces of oil varnish.  Took care not to reduce the diameter of the locating surfaces.
13th February Refitted #7 camshaft bearing to the rear of the crankcase.  Refitted the blanking bolt and end-cap to the rear of the oil gallery.  Cleaned the interior and upper face of the crankcase.  Fabricated a new gasket to fit between the crankcase and block using 0.030" gasket paper instead of the original 0.006" material, which always leaks because it is too thin.
14th February Finished dressing the block gasket.  Tightened the head studs.  Refitted the camshaft and dowels.  Overhauled the tappets.
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15th February Removed, cleaned and replaced the bush that supports the water pump shaft.  Replaced the cam wheel.
Click for 3 x images - 104 kb
20th February Assembled and started to adjust the flywheel damper poundage.
Click for 7 images - 360kb
25th February Finally succeeded in setting the flywheel poundage.
Click for 4 x images - 156kb
26th February Dismantled the flywheel damper and installed the springs.
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27th February Installed the crankshaft.
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4th March Fitted the pistons to the conrods.
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5th March Torqued down the main bearing caps.  Replaced the main bearing oil-supply pipes.  Fitted tappets into the block
Click for 5 x images - 240kb
7th March Refitted the spindle castings for the idler gear and dynamo drive.  Assembled the dynamo drive.
Click for 6 x images - 292kb
9th March Installed the cylinder block.  Measured, adjusted and fitted the drive shaft for the distributor / oil pump.
click for 7 x images - 324kb
11th March Installed the water pump drive assembly and the idler gear.
Click for 5 x images - 228kb
17th March Installed the pistons.
click for 4 x images - 212kb
18th March Refitted the cylinder head.
Click for 3 x images - 148kb
27th March Pressure tested the crankshaft.
click for 4 x images - 220kb
28th March Cleaned the rocker assembly.  Installed the crankshaft damper and timed the camshaft.
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March progress A digression into body building
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10th April Fitted the water pump drive spindle.  Cleaned and fitted the sump and timing cover.
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13th April Overhauled and fitted the oil pump.  Replaced the dynamo pinion brakes.
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14th April

Attached crank pulley and prepared engine parts for painting.
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15th April Stripped the paint and rust from the horn.
Click for 3 x images - 136kb
15th April Finished painting engine parts, assembled the engine sub-frame and remade shims
Click for 4 images - 196kb
16th April Fitted tappet chest covers.  Stripped and resprayed the front water jacket plate yet again.  Cleaned the fasteners for the jacket plates.  Fitted engine sub frame.
Click for 3 x images - 160kb
17th April Resprayed jacket plate for the 4th time.  Fitted the rear water jacket plate and oil supply pipes.
Click for 3 x images - 140kb
23rd April Fitted the front water jacket plate and water pump
Click for 3 x images - 152kb
2nd May Cleaned the starter motor clutch mechanism.
Click for 6 images - 244kb
3rd May Assembled started motor clutch.  Cleaned and fitted the distributor and dynamo.
Click for 10 images - 512kb
4th May Removed the engine from the stand.  Started to replace the clutch springs.
Click for 5 x images - 204kb
5th may Finished overhauling the clutch.  Fitted the clutch and both manifolds.
Click for 9 x images - 428kb
7th May Stripped the paint from the HT lead tube and all engine control rods.  Made new bush for the throttle rod bracket.  Repainted all items.
Click for 2 x images - 72kb
10th May Fitted all engine control rods and adjusted out all lost motion.  Fitted carburettor and magneto.  Re-assembled the HT leads in carrier tube.  Set coil and magneto ignition timing.  Removed and dismantled the clutch release bearing.
Click for 5 x images - 232kb
2007 Engine and gearbox refitted into the chassis
Click for 4 x images - 284KB
  Hood frame stripped
Click for 2 x images - 104KB
  Car returned from the paint shop and rebuilding commences
Click for 6 x images - 344KB
  Making and fitting a new headlining
Click for 3 x images - 144KB
  Fitting new tread strips to the running boards
Click for 4 x images - 224KB
  The finished article!
Click for 8 x images - 592KB
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