Rolls-Royce 20/25 - bodywork update



bare body


All wings removed and paint stripped.  The next step in the process is to identify what remedial work is required and to what standard.


rear wing


The offside rear wing following preliminary repairs.  Dents have been plannished out, cracks and corrosion welded up and surfaces smoothed.

'A' panel


The aim, with this restoration, is to get a straight body with minimal filler.  The final finish, in both metal and paint, will be good but not concours.  This car is used for everyday driving plus occasional forages into long distance travel.

Due to the method of construction of the doors there have been several problems highlighted.  The flat door panels are jointed along the lower edge of the horizontal swage, which exposes the paintwork to flex-cracking when the door is slammed (!).  This joint will be opened to stop the two pieces of metal binding together.  Both 'A' panels have been removed so that the wood frame can be modified to bring the panels and doors into exact alignment.  When originally built the body was not correctly anchored to the chassis, which created misalignment.

bare rear end


The rear section of the body requires little structural work.  Corrections to alignment, fit and gapping will be undertaken during the test fit of the panels and before the paint preparation starts.