Rolls-Royce 20/25 - fitting new headlining



stretching headlining


This shows the new headlining being temporarily attached to the hood frame so that final adjustments may be made.  The side cards have been installed so that Durable Dot fasteners could be positioned and fitted.

The black framework, beneath the window, was constructed as safe storage for the two side rails that fit between the windscreen and 'B' posts, above the doors, when the car is fully enclosed.

tensioning headlining


The rear seat temporarily fitted to confirm clearances and comfort.  The headlining is still only tacked in place, awaiting final adjustments.

The seat back is mounted on cantilever hinges that allow it to be moved up and over the arm rests for access into the small stowage compartment.  When opened fully the back rests on the armrests to give full access to the stowage area or creates a two-level deck for luggage.

checking fold


The lining is still loosely fitted.  Before final tensioning it was sensible to check that the hood could be folded without stressing the headlining or exterior cover.