Rolls-Royce 20/25 - clutch springs



off stand


A real feeling of progress: the engine removed from the engine stand.

pressure plate


The apparent reason for clutch slip was weak springs.  The spring retaining cups are screwed into the threaded caps.

spring bits


The retaining screws are tightened against the spacer and then peened over into the cap.  Before removing the screws it is necessary to carefully grind off the splayed thread ends so that the they can be removed without damage.  Screw threads were cleaned up with a loose dye.

bits order


The components in their relative positions.  The spacer sits inside the top of the cup and butts up against the inside of the threaded cap.



A convenient method of compressing the springs, for both dismantling and re-assembly, is to use an adjustable valve spring compressor.

To rebuild each unit it is necessary to compress the overall length to approximately 2.25 inches, which allows the screws to be inserted.

The screws were installed using an anaerobic thread adhesive.  The end of each screw was centre punched to prevent it moving.