Rolls-Royce 20/25 - damper springs



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Having set the correct break away poundage it is necessary to dismantle the damper yet again.  Two pins through the peripheral holes are used as leverage points to open and close the spring housings.  Each housing contains two concentric springs.  The easiest method is to fit spring sets at 180 degree intervals.  The pairs can be compressed by hand for placement in the aperture and then tapped into place with a soft hammer.  Final alignment, where necessary, is done using a fine screwdriver.

Odd facts: -

Damper outside diameter = 8.125"

Maximum angular displacement is +/- 4.4 degrees (ie 4degrees 24 minutes), which gives a movement at the damper rim of +/- 5/16".

Low-inertia break-away poundage is 12-14 pounds.