Diary of another engine rebuild

1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25: engine # E8L

Part Two - preparing for the rebuild


The diary is set out in tabular format with each day's work briefly described.  If you place the cursor over the thumbnail pictures in the right hand column a message will appear stating how many pictures are available and at what size - eg "2 x images - 34&58kb".  If you choose to click to the new page a narrative alongside the pictures will explain points of interest, particular problems or methods of rectification.

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Date - 2006 Job

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5th January

Apparently a month off? Much time spent locating, ordering and chasing parts. The crankshaft and block came back from the machine shop just before Christmas.

Removed the con rods from the crankshaft and started cleaning parts.

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6th January

Finished cleaning the conrods, removed the remaining piston rings and cleaned the latter.

Received the crankshaft damper from the grinders.  Spent time checking this over.

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13th January Time spent preparing the crankshaft for re-assembly.
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14th January Cut and twisted 13 x 1/16" split cotter pins in readiness to replace the sludge traps.  Fitted numbers 1,2 & 7 main bearing traps.  Spent time inspecting sundry parts.
15th January Replaced the remaining sludge traps.
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16th January Leak-tested crankshaft.  Removed casting flashes from cylinder block and cleaned machining swarf.  Measured all piston ring gaps.
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19th January

A slight diversion.

With the engine and gearbox out of the car it would seem to be a good time to get the paintwork and interior back up to scratch.  It has been decided to strip the interior ready for a repaint.

Removed the front bumper, head lamps, front stone guards and indicators.

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20th January Removed the door cards, wood cappings, dash top and windscreen.
22nd January Removed the front and rear seats and interior trim panels.  Extracted all of the trim tacks from the hood, removed the dumb irons and lifted off.
23rd January Removed the rear lights, indicators, bumpers, rear stone guards and remaining interior trim seals.
24th January Preparations made to fit flywheel to crankshaft.
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25th January Flywheel fitted to crankshaft.
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26th January Started to clean the crankcase in preparation for engine re-assembly.
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28th January Catching up with the photographs.
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1st February Cylinder block - cleaned, prepared and applied the final coat of paint.
2nd February Cylinder head - cleaned, prepared and applied the final coat of paint.
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3rd February Dismantled the engine sub frame.
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5th February Degreased and stripped paint off the engine side plates and sub frame.  Started cleaning out the cavities above the cam bearing housings.
6th February RR&B Garages collected the stripped car.
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8th February Finished cleaning out the cavities. Sealed the oil gallery plugs.  Removed the rear cam bearing.
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11th February Did final clean-up on cam bearings. Measured cam journals and bearing diameters.
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