Rolls-Royce 20/25 - paint block & head



block o/s


The nearside of the cylinder block showing the two tappet chests.  The centre hole goes through to the other side of the block where the carburettor is mounted.  The inlet manifold collects the fuel mixture from this point and distributes it to the head ports.

block n/s


The offside of the cylinder block showing the central carburettor mounting position.  The cut-out in the forward water jacket aperture is to accomodate the water pump.

The casting extension at the front of the block is for the fan assembly.  The original block required a 1/2" spacer but on this new block the casting has been extended to incorporate the extra length.



The cylinder head is a modern replacement (February 2002) and is therefore in excellent condition.

A fresh top coat of paint will ensure that the head and block match.  The paint is a synthetic enamel - Hammerite Smooth Gloss: in this case applied by brush due to the intricate shape of the castings.