Rolls-Royce 20/25 - hood removal



seats out


Most of the interior fittings removed and ready for storage.  The leather will need cleaning and feeding before replacement in the car.

hood interior


Seats and side trims removed to show the ash frame.  The hood lining is attached to the hood sticks with trimmer's tacks.  These are best removed by hitting the head sideways with a thin, blunt screwdriver.  This method ensures that the tack lifts without damaging the cloth.

hood removal


The exterior of the hood is attached the body with tacks.  The tacks are then covered with Hidem, a doubled-over leatherette edging strip, which is also attached with tacks that are hidden under the upper layer.

This shot of the rear left hand side of the hood shows a strengthening sheet of mohair.  The numerous holes from the tacks can be seen around the sides of the bodywork.

stripped out


Hood and interior removed.  The car is now ready for transporting to the paint shop.