Rolls-Royce 20/25 - pulley & paint 



crank nose


The timing case showing the nose of the crankshaft.  Note that the Woodruff key is installed.

oil scroll


The pulley offered up but not yet screwed home.  The oil scroll disappears inside the casting when the pulley is fully home.

It is too late to alter things now but the pulley should be concentric with the aperture.  Radial clearance between the case and pulley should be at least 0.008".

Due to the method of construction, re-installation is a simple matter of lining up the keyway and tightening the nut.



When correctly tightened the locking plate can be attached.  It is gratifying to note that the original markers still line up.

water jacket plates


The water jacket side plates, having been scrupulously cleaned, were painted with synthetic enamel.



As were the parts that make up the engine sub-frame.