Rolls-Royce 20/25 - the finished article



3/4 front  
rear view


The black metal strip, above the rear window, prevents the hood material from tearing away from the wooden frame, that holds the rear window in place, when the hood is lowered.

The rear lights will eventually be replaced with something more attractive than the present layout.

n/s door open


The front seat can be folded forwards to give easier access to the rear.

front interior


Hood and headlining finally tensioned to give a smooth and pleasing appearance.

n/s engine  
o/s engine  
n/s view  


1933 or 2007?

Photographed outside 'The Black Bull' pub in Ravenstonedale (pronounced Rassendale), Cumbria, GB during its first major running-in drive of 520 miles.

No problems were encountered other than having to pay too much for the ale.