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Rolls-Royce Phantom III - body refurbishment

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Having completed the engine rebuild in March 2003 I felt that I had earned a break.  The sensible method of relaxing seemed to be to drive the car; enjoy the fruits of my labour, get the engine bedded in and sort out any teething troubles.  Of the latter there were few I am pleased to report.  Over the following six months I covered about 3,000 trouble-free miles.  The engine was carefully run-in with a sequence of ever lengthening trips.  I covered 100 miles at a maximum speed of 30mph in top gear (utterly frustrating), followed by the next 100 miles at 40mph and then 800 miles not exceeding 50mph.  At the distance marks of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 miles the oil and filter were changed, the cylinder heads re-torqued and the tappets adjusted.  Thereafter, the speed was occasionally extended up to 60 and then 70mph for very short periods as well as starting to use full throttle on occasions and also driving with the engine under load on inclines.  The water temperature stays steady between 85 and 90C irrespective of speed, traffic queues and ambient air temperature.

In October 2003 the car went in to RR&B Garages, owned by Ian Pinder, to undergo its transformation from lurid pink into a more dignified colour scheme.  From the start of the process it was agreed that I would act as the project manager, dealing with all third party contractors, and Ian would control the bodywork, paintwork and (most importantly) the standards.  My unreserved thanks go to Ian and his team for their superb conduct of the whole operation - the results speak for themselves.

A brief summary of the tasks to be undertaked by third parties will give an idea of how complex a simple restoration really is: -

This short synopsis eventually covered a geographical range from America to Macclesfied.  The over-riding requirement in any operation of this nature is to ensure that: -

  1. the correct items are delivered
  2. the delivered items are to the correct specification
  3. the prices are the best available for the desired standard
  4. delivery is made before the parts are needed

Other than that - it's dead easy!

And this is how it happened: -


Date Job
Click for pictures
October 2003 As we were - The Pink One in all its glory   Click for 4 x images - 36,40,40&40kb
November 2003 Wood trim and upholstery removed   Click fo 7 x images - 36,36,40,40,52,52&56kb
  Doors, bonnet and boot removed; paintwork stripped   Click for 5 x images - 28,36,52,52&60kb
December 2003 Inspection of ash framework and metal paneling   Click for 3 x images - 40,40&56kb
January 2004 Refurbishment of door furniture   Click for 3 x images - 36,48&72kb
January- March 2004 Clocks and gauges overhauled   Click for 7 x images - 20,24,24,28,28,40&44kb
February 2004 Adjusting and stabilising the ash frame of the body   Click for 4 x images - 56,60,64&72kb
March 2004 Replacing the wire-rolled wing edges   Click for 5 x images - 40,44,48,52&60kb
  Setting the door alignments   Click for 4 x images - 44,48,52&52kb
April 2004 Priming the bodywork   Click for 4 x images - 44,44,52&76kb
May 2004 Painting the chassis   Click for 5 x images - 52,56,56,56&60
April - May Building a new boot lid   Click for 5 x images - 52,52,52,56&68kb
May 2004 Final paintwork preparation   Click for 4 x images - 48,60,60&60kb
May - June 2004 Final paint top-coats   Click for 3 x images - 48,56&56kb
  Interior trim   Click for 6 x images - 24,24,28,28,28&28kb
June 2004 Exterior side views of the finished cars   Click for6 x images - 52,84,92,92,100,104
  Exterior rear views   Click for 3 x images - 88,96&116kb
Interior front trim   Click for 3 x images - 88,96&104kb
  Interior rear trim   Click for 6 images - 80,84,84,88,100&100kb
  RREC National Rally, 2004 - Boughton Hall, Northamptonshire   Click for 4 x images - 48,52,52&64kb


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