Rolls-Royce Phantom III - rear interior view


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PIII rear o/s

The rear cabin is trimmed in seating-grade West of England cloth.

Despite being woven by at least two mills in Britain this material is only available in the USA.  Enquiries of all of the UK manufacturers elicited the response that they had not produced seating-grade W-o-E cloth for decades.  They were either lying or did not know their own product ranges.

Beware the products peddled by trim retailers that purports to be W-o-E.  This is basically 30 ounce billiard/pool table baize - adequate for head linings but certainly not robust enough for seating use.

Just visible beneath the nearside quarter light is on of the companion sets.  This illuminated unit contains a removable mirror, two cologne bottles and indented holder for a Dunhill cigarette lighter: the ashtray is visible in the end of the arm rest.   To the left of the companion set is a small switch panel that controls the electric rear window blind and the electric division between the front and rear compartments.  There is a similar set-up on the offside.

The microphone for the intercom can be seen attached to the offside 'C' post.


PIII seats up The two occasional seats with the cocktail cabinet in the centre.
PIII occasional seat

One of the occasional seat opened for occupation.  The frames are standard patented Barker units, mounted on the lid and incorporating a carpeted foot rest for the rear seat passenger.  Even with five passengers in the rear cabin there is excellent legroom for each person.

The small door locking lever can be seen on the window surround of the offside door.  It was usual in quality cars of this period that the offside doors were secured from the inside and the nearside doors only had exterior key operated locks; in this case made by H&TV.


PIII rear n/s

Showing the centre arm rest folded down.  There a two inflatable lumbar support bladders mounted inside the rear seat back rests that are adjusted via pipes in the boot.

The heater outlet and rheostat are visible beneath the offside sear seat.

PIII cabinet closed The cocktail cabinet topped off with a Smiths 8-day mechanical clock.  The centre panel is bottom-hinged and, when opened, the lid slides back into the cupboard.  At present, this section of the unit is still to be finished off but its purpose has first to be established.  Answers on a postcard, please.
PIII cabinet open

This is the conundrum.  What was attached to the lid that would be of use (and not dislodged) when the panel was opened?

The lower section is currently designed to carry four glasses and several bottles of wine.  This arrangement appears to be a later re-arrangement of the space and will benefit from a redesign.

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