Rolls-Royce Phantom III - bodywork: setting doors



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PIII test fit 1 The first trial fit of the repaired panels.  The repaired door hinges had to be packed to achieve the correct shut-lines.  Note how accurate the gap is between the door bottoms and the running board.
PIII test fit 2 It is easy to see where the time goes.  The whole car had to be assembled, adjusted and then dismantled.  There is no shortcut to getting it right; just as there is no point in painting the car before the bodywork is straight.
PIII test fit 3 Re-adjusting the driver's door to ensure a perfect fit.  Note the secondary door lock near to the lower edge.
PIII test fit 4 The aluminium panel work was amazingly straight, especially when one considers that the car has been half way around the world and back.
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