Rolls-Royce Phantom III - bodywork: clock repairs


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The combined oil pressure / water temperature gauge is a standard clock on all Phantom III cars.  The capillary pipe to the water gauge had been snapped off about 3 inches behind the clock and the sensor bulb and remaining pipe to the engine were missing.  The unit was sent away for overhaul and was returned in good working order.
PIII gauge face

PIII gauge back




The electric clock is also a standard fitting to the Phantom III dashboard.  This one was not working despite all of the circuits testing properly.  It was sent away to an expert horologist who reported that it was merely congealed oil in the movement that was causing its inactivity.  The clock was cleaned and calibrated and now works perfectly.  For those people who have such an instrument, it should be noted that the clock is started by operating the time adjustment knob, which then activates the movement.

PIII Electric clock face PIII electric clock back


The car was originally supplied with an electric clock, mounted in the wooden rail under the glass division in the rear compartment, but this was subsequently replaced by the unit pictured below, which is mounted in the top face of the cocktail cabinet.  The clock probably per-dates the car.  It was serviced by the same person who repaired the electric clock.

PIII Smiths clock face PIII Smiths clock fastener


PIII Smiths clock back


When mounted in the cabinet, the winding and adjustment controls are reached by swinging the face and movement forwards.

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