Rolls-Royce Phantom III - bodywork: wooden frame


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PIII n/s/f door panel This is a shot of the nearside front door - lower half.  The wooden panel on the floor is a newly fabricated inner door liner; it has been turned about face to show the inside.  The box and rod on the left contains the lower door lock that is connected to the main lock and handle by the vertical rod.  When the door is shut it is held in alignment not only by the usual lock bolt but also by a vertical pin (in the bottom lock) which locates in a conical seat that protrudes from the shut-face on the body.  This system ensures that the door gap does not distort even if the chassis flexes on uneven surfaces.
PIII n/s/r wheel arch Looking at the rear nearside wheel arch: wing removed and the door opened right back against the body.  The lower sections of the doors on this car are curved or barrel-shaped.  Over the years the grain of the wood had straightened out, slightly,  to leave the flange at the rear of the door, over the wheel arch, proud of the body by about 1/4 inch.  The structural integrity of the door had not been compromised.  It was decided that the safest way to rectify the misalignment was to remove the aluminium over the forward arch frame, let in a tapered piece of ash and then re-cap in aluminium.  This photograph shows the new wood and the re-profiled aluminium sheet.
Nearside rear door, looking towards the hinge just beneath the bottom of the window.  To make sure that no further door frame distortion occurs all of the door joints were fitted with metal gussets.
PIII n/s/f door More door gussets.  This is the lower section, hinge side, of the nearside front door.  As all of the photographs show, the wood and metal were in incredibly good condition.
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