Rolls-Royce Phantom III - exterior rear views


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PIII o/s/r Rear three-quarter view.  Colour reproduction is always difficult on computers because of the RGB interpretation on each machine.  Certainly on my computer, this photograph gives the best representation of the red-pigmented second colour.
PIII n/s/r The quality of the bodywork and paint is clearly evident in this photograph: the reflections of the surrounding landscape across the panels is amazing.
PIII boot open

The high light intensity made it impossible to show the interior detail of the boot.  Reflections of the rubbing strips are reflected on the edge of the black swage line of the roof.

Inside the right hand side of the boot is a locker for storing sundry traveling spares.  Also on the right is a hand pump for inflating the lumber-support bladders in the back seats.  Just visible in the centre is the arm rest cut-out with the feed pipes to the lumbar-support bladders.

The rear lights are modern copies of 1930s Lucas units - available, at a price, from the Bentley Drivers Club.  These units have been converted to incorporate stop, tail and flashing indicator lights.  Adjacent to the number plate are the outer reversing lights and the two very slim, but original, rear lights.

The next  job is to build a new trunk to fit onto the boot lid and floor.

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