Rolls-Royce Phantom III - exterior side views


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PIII finished in workshop

Never raced or rallied, Sir!

The last photograph taken in the workshop before going out into the wide world.  The irony being that the car was driven out under clear blue skies yet, within 2 miles, the heavens opened. The drive between the workshop and home is through open countryside; the car was covered in mud and cow s**t within half an hour - and this was two days before the RREC National Rally at Boughton House.

PIII closed A few weeks later.  The following shots are to show overseas visitors that the sun does (sometimes) shine in England.  This picture shows the car in closed 'limousine' style with the front roof section shut.
PIII no roof

The de-Ville section is folded into the rear roof cavity and the windscreen is fully opened.

The following photographs can speak for themselves.

PIII n/s  
PIII o/s  
PIII o/s/f  
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