Rolls-Royce Phantom III - bodywork: boot lid


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PIII boot frame The new boot lid frame has been made and is trial fitted to ensure that the width is correct.
PIII boot test The top rail of the lid frame has been profiled to follow the curved upper edge of the aperture.  The locking mechanism is shown here after installation.  It was necessary, obviously, to make sure that the horizontal locking bars located accurately with the sockets in the bodywork.
PIII boot frame The steel skeleton has been screwed onto the boot frame.  The skeleton gives rigidity to the lid and adds strength to the edges of the aluminium skin
PIII boot lid A last look at the wooden frame prior to fitting the inner metal skin.
PIII boot skin

The outer skin in position.  Although not evident from this photograph, the skin in a compound curve, being concave in the vertical plane and convex in the horizontal.  Watching Phil, the metal wizard, completing this job was an entertainment in itself.


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