Rolls-Royce Phantom III - dismantling the radiator shell


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R-R PIII - radiator base A view one does not normally have.  The wiring will need replacing and routing correctly.  The nuts and bolts on the electrical junction boxes are 3BA.
R-R PIII - upper radiator mounting bolts The 2 deep bolts indicated at 'A  hold the top of the core into the frame and are 0BA.
R-R PIII - radiator inner shell

The inner shell following the removal of the radiator matrix.  The two levers shown at 'A' are the items actuated by the calorstat to open the shutters.  Prior to removing the core it is necessary to:-

1) remove the pivot pin

2) remove the small nut and bolt used to hold the two levers together as it will not pass through the aperture in the header tank.

3) remove the two small link plates that sit between the levers. (See below)

R-R PIII - radiator lower shell

Looking at the base of the inner shell.

'A' are the two holes through which the electric cables should pass and which should be protected by rubber grommets.

'B' is rust!  This is only surface rust but one could imagine it becoming terminal if left to its own devices.

'C' are the 4 screws / nuts on each side that hold the bonnet stays in place.  These need not be disconnected as the outer shell slides around the stays when the two parts are separated.

R-R PIII - radiator & inner shell After removing far too many BA screws and nuts, and all of the webbing, the inner and outer shells can be lifted apart.  Note that the wing / head light supports are attached to the inner shell.
R-R PIII - radiator shell

The outer shell and shutters.  It is only necessary to remove the bottom pivot plates when extracting the shutters.  There are two springs inside the top rail that need disconnecting after the upper pivot rails have been lowered.  On this radiator one spring had rotted through.

Counting from the centre, on left and right, shutter numbers 1,3,5 & 6 will slip out of the upper guide rail when the base plates are removed; the remaining shutters are held in place by collars and split pins.

The 2 small dog-bone shaped articles circled in red are the plates that link the 2 actuating levers connected to the centre pair of shutters.  Once assembled they are held in place by a nut and bolt; the latter must be removed to allow the levers to be drawn through the radiator header tank.

R-R PIII - radiator accessories

From the top :-

front shroud support brackets

centre brace

(l to r) bottom hose & drain tap; radiator spacer to achieve correct bonnet height; steam valve body; outlet tube from valve

bottom brace with electrical junction boxes.

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