Rolls-Royce Phantom III - oil pressure filter & dynamo


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R-R PIII - pressure filter parts

The main pressure filter showing the lid, pressure relief valve, and conversion plates for a paper element insert.  It is important that the top and bottom plates form an oil-tight seal with the paper element and that the upper disc seals against the protruding tube in the base of the lid.

Paper element references used to date are :-

Westland 403

Fram CH801PL

Cooper GP172

R-R PIII - pressure filter conversion Here shown with the lid attached to the paper element filter.
R-R PIII - pressure filter

Complete unit.  Points of note are :-

  •   The drain plug - useful when changing the oil.  This one had been badly burred and had to be filed down to the next available size.

  •   The clamping nuts around the lid are 1BA


R-R PIII - dynamo

I had replaced the bushes some time ago so all that was needed was to clean the commutator and a quick polish.  It is worth coating the lid mating surfaces with Copperslip, or similar compound, to stop corrosion jamming the parts together.

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