Rolls-Royce Phantom III - clutch housing end plate


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R-R PIII - clutch housing end plate

The end plate bolts onto the casting cleaned on 19th March.   Its function is to act as the rear support to the clutch output shaft.

'A' - circlip that sits in, and retains, 'B'

'B' - locking ring.  This is LEFT HAND THREAD.

'C' - bearing retaining plate.  The line points to one of the 8 drain holes in the oil channel which seems to be a completely pointless piece of design.

'D' - end plate - top where marked - with the line pointing to the one-shot inlet. 

'E' - the bearing which sits in the centre of 'D' and supports the output shaft.

R-R PIII - clutch housing end plate inside The forward face of the end plate, 'D', above.
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