Rolls-Royce Phantom III - clutch bearing


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R-R PIII - clutch release exploded view Clutch release beasring and carrier in exploded layout.
R-R PIII - clutch release components



R-R PIII - clutch release described

'A' - the flanged tube presses on the clutch operating fingers to release the clutch pressure plate.  It is a press fit inside the bearing 'E' and is held in position by the circlip 'B' which sits in a shallow channel in 'A'.

'C' - notch nut which, with washer 'D' attached, holds the bearing 'E' in the casting 'F'.

'F' - bearing case - the line from 'F' points to the oiling hole (for lubricating the bearing) which is supplied by a drip pipe from the one-shot system.

'G' - universal joint - the line from 'G' points to 1 of the 2 pivot arms that locate in the clutch cross-shaft fork (see 19th March).

'H' - 2 split pins hold 'G' in position - all pressure is obviously forwards (r-to-l in this picture).

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