Rolls-Royce Phantom III - crank damper parts


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R-R PIII - damper disk

The damper centre disk that is clamped between the two friction rings.   Note the dark corrosion patches where moisture has caused the cotton disk to stick to the metal surface.  The pattern of the fabric is also clearly visible where it has promoted oxidation.

This shot is of the forward face.  The threaded section in the centre is for attaching the extractor when withdrawing the complete assembly from the crankshaft.

R-R PIII - Damper corrosion

The friction surface of the front half of the damper flywheel showing rust patches where the friction lining has trapped moisture.  Probably because of a difference in metallurgy this corrosion is far more pronounced than on the centre disk.

The rings in the middle both halves of the damper flywheel are white metal to give good bearing properties when the centre disk is forced to rotate.

R-R PIII - Friction disk One of the friction disks with the line 'A' pointing to a dark ring of oxidised metal impregnated into the fabric's surface.  Both disks will obviously require replacement prior to final re-assembly.
R-R PIII - Damper flywheel bits Five elements of the damper flywheel - back to front (left to right).  The two fabric rings fit either side of the centre disk.
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