Rolls-Royce Phantom III - removing the liners


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R-R PIII - liner extractor Pulling B2 liner from the 'new' block.  These liners had already been removed in order to clean the water galleries; new seals were installed prior to pressure testing.  All of the liners came out easily.
R-R PIII - extractor base From below - a shot of the extractor base plate being pulled up through the liner aperture - just enough clearance for comfort.
R-R PIII - liner emerging This is the B3 liner, released from its seals, with the extractor rod poking through.
R-R PIII - liner seals Indicated on red are the 2 black liner seals.  Somebody has obviously gone to a lot of trouble to clean the interior.
R-R PIII - 12 liners

The 12 liners removed from the 'new'  block.  These are all in good condition though requiring a re-bore.  Two points of interest :-

1)  eleven of the liners had a steel shim (highlighted on A3), beneath the upper lip, to give the correct 0.002" lift above the block face.   The shims are cut through (ie not complete circles) and the ends are tapered to fit under the hollowed arc ground out of the lip of each liner.  The arc is to give clearance for one head stud on each liner - see the stud hole at bottom right in the picture above.

2)    liner A3 is an odd-ball as it has no skirt and is therefore shorter than its block-fellows.

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