Rolls-Royce Phantom III - installing the engine


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R-R PIII - installing the engine

Quite a lot of time was spent in cleaning the garage and then transferring the engine, boxes of parts, tools, etc from the workshop back to the garage.  The engine was almost complete - the only components deliberately excluded being the carburettor and filter, dynamo, main oil filter, distributors and fan.  These latter items, if attached, would either obstruct the straps or risk damage from them.

The front mountings sit on top of the circular spacer plates (see below) and must be aligned on the pin protruding from each of the two chassis supports.  Once the front mountings are bolted securely in place it is a matter of jacking the rear of the engine to align with the gearbox input shaft, inserting the short connecting prop shaft, installing the rear engine mount and then shimming it against the chassis cross-members.

R-R PIII - engine mounting spacers The two front engine-mounting spacers.  On the left can be seen the clean circle created where the base of the rubberised insert sits.  The right hand picture shows the bevelled underside.  Note the smaller holes that fit over the locating pins - the large holes are for the mounting bolt.
R-R PIII - the mistake

The problem with keeping an up-to-date web diary is that if one makes a mistake, and if one is honest, then the world can witness what a prat one is when undertaking the most simple of tasks.


Despite all the care in referring back to photographs, marking components 'left' and 'right, and double checking before AND after installation it is still possible to bolt parts into the wrong place.  Just as JB and I were packing up for the evening (having fitted the engine!) I looked at the front engine mountings and realised that the two bolts, bottom right of this picture, were facing forwards instead of back.  The two front engine mounting feet are a mirror image of each other.  The longitudinal bolts are used to attach the friction shock absorbers to the chassis BEHIND the engine mounts.

The entire Anglo-Saxon derogatory vocabulary was used to express my feelings before retiring for the day!

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