Rolls-Royce Phantom III - assemble dynamo drive


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R-R PIII - dynamo drive support R-R PIII - dynamo drive bearing support

The gear support bracket with the oil supply tube shown at 'O' - this obviously needs to line up with the hole drilled through the casting.


The bearing support pipe is inserted from the rear.  When tightened up onto the bearing housing the rear flange forms an oil-tight seal against the casing at the rear.
R-R PIII - dynamo drive shaft R-R PIII - dynamo drive gear & bearing

The drive shaft is inserted from the rear and is fully-floating when assembly is completed.


The gear and bearing housing are one unit.  The housing is a press-fit onto the support tube and is locked up by the notch nut.
R-R PIII - dynamo drive spring coupling

The disc is the connection between the bearing housing and the drive shaft.  It is actually a two-coil flat spring that allows slight axial displacement of the shaft.  The spider is located onto the shaft by taper and key and is then locked in place by the nut.

When dismantled the three nuts and bolts holding the disc to the bearing housing were inserted the other way round but this is the correct alignment;  it is a bit of a fiddle inserting the split pins.

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