Rolls-Royce Phantom III - fitting the cam wheel


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R-R PIII - cam blocks in place  

Sorry, but I just liked this picture.

Camshaft in place, cam follower blocks installed and all of the head studs screwed in.  A Rolls-Royce porcupine.

The holes for the head studs vary in depth from 1.125" to 1.312".  It is imperative that these are cleared out prior to inserting the studs.  I coated each stud thread with copper-based lubricant before installing - making sure that there was none on the stud base so avoiding the risk of hydraulic action on the block.


R-R PIII - helical insert collar

There was one stripped thread, on the 'B' block exhaust side #4 stud, that needed repair using a helical insert.  The only slight snag is that the thread is rebated below the block face by about 3/16".  As the insertion tool needs to press onto the upper face of the insert whilst it is being screwed into place (to stop it cork-screwing) a modification was required.

This picture shows the collar that is small enough to slide into the hole yet wide enough to still keep the pressure on the top of the insert.  Hardly rocket science but gratifying, nonetheless.

R-R PIII - camshaft skew gear Camshaft nose with skew gear drive for the cross-shaft.  Note the Woodruff key slot - this is the one that I hope is redundant - there is another on the opposite side that is half a tooth different relative the the cam wheel.  The latter key was the one in use when the engine was dismantled but it may not align with the new crankshaft - we shall see...
R-R PIII - #1 camshaft bush #1 camshaft bush in place - note the oil slots on its face.  The housing is sealed with a thin gasket as it forms part of the cross tube that takes oil from the offside distributor housing to the the nearside one.
R-R PIII - cam wheel thrust washer

The cam wheel thrust washer must be installed against the face of the #1 camshaft bush before the key is fitted.

I went on a wild goose chase for three quarters on an hour today because I could not find the Woodruff key.  I emptied every container twice and still could not find it!  When dismantling the engine I was careful to bag and label every component.  Keys and special washers were taped, marked and bagged - and the tape on this key had stuck to the back of something else.  It was a balance between my calm certainty that I could not have lost it and blind panic / frustration / anger because I could not find it.

Its bag had stuck to the bottom of another box.

R-R PIII - cam wheel Cam wheel temporarily fitted.  It will not be finally attached until the camshaft has been timed to the crankshaft.
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