Rolls-Royce Phantom III - HT lead table


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The following table shows the correct HT cable lengths for all PIII engines.  The original layout allowed approximately 3 inches from the conduit to the plug cap - this distance may vary slightly dependant upon the type of cap used.  It should be noted that wires inside the conduits should be twisted to help avoid induced sparking in adjacent cables.   It is advisable to add at least two inches to each cable at first installation to allow trimming at the distributor.

All dimensions are in inches.


Lead #

'A' Distributor

(exhaust side spark plugs)

'B' Distributor

(inlet side spark plugs)

  A to A bank A to B bank B to A bank B to B bank
1 27 32 31 29
2 41 45 30 29
3 40 46 42 39
4 52 54 40 41
5 50 57 50 49
6 58 64 52 47
inches 268 298 245 234
      A-A 268
      A-B 298
      B-A 245
      B-B 234
      King A 13
      King B 13
      Total inches 1071
      Total feet 89' 3"


The two low tension cables that connect the ballast resistors to the coils are fed through the two conduits in the 'V' of the engine (B-A & B-B) and each is 50 inches in length.

The two low tension leads from the coils to the distributors are routed through the upright conduits adjacent to the fan and are 24 inched long.

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