Rolls-Royce Phantom III - distributor & oil pump drive


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R-R PIII - distributor

Distributor minus cap. 

A) Drive dog for the oil pump shaft operating from the 'A' distributor.

B) Skew gear driven by the cross-shaft which is, in turn, driven off the nose of the cam shaft.

C) Lever for fine adjustment of the timing.

D) Oiler cap for the distributor shaft.  Inside the casting there is only a small gully that runs under the base plate which is readily blocked by dust.

R-R PIII - ignition points The base plate with all the trimmings: cam, points and condenser.  Note the degree of wear on the point heels; the moving points had virtually disappeared.
R-R PIII - distributor : no points

Base plate after removing the points, cam and condenser.

A) The serrated cog and taper onto which the cam is located.

B) The adjustment plate for setting the two sets of points at 30 degree displacement.  This plate should not be moved unless there is an obvious problem.

Although the main base plate can be unscrewed it can not be removed without removing the top section of the drive shaft.  Description of how to remove the base plate and change the bearing are on the next page.

R-R PIII - distributor oil seal

An inside shot  of the lower distributor body showing :-

A) the remains of the oil seal.  How on earth am I supposed to remove this?   More news in a few days.

B) the split bush for the distributor drive shaft.

R-R PIII - distributor weights

Is this the Lunar Escape Module or is it the weight set?  Still covered in grime but showing all of the important bits.

A) Shaft collar forming the oil seal (see above).

B) balance weights and springs for advancing the ignition at higher seeds.  The securing nuts are peened over to prevent accidents and to make removal a real nuisance.

C) the pedestal (next to the LT lead) for the fine adjustment lever.

R-R PIII - painted HT tubes  
R-R PIII - oil pump drive shaft The oil pump drive shaft that is operated from the base of the 'A' distributor.  Overall length is 12.75 inches with the smaller end locating on the pump.  Both connections are by spine.
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