Rolls-Royce Phantom III - fuel strainer & crankcase breather


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R-R PIII - fuel delivery strainer parts Component parts of the fuel delivery strainer.  Petrol enters from the top, passes through the filter, then feeds to the carburettor via the lower union.   Debris trapped by the fine mesh settles into the trough around the base of the strainer.
R-R PIII - fuel delivery strainer - top off The strainer shown inserted in the casing; the spring forces its outer flange onto an angled seat in the casting to prevent debris bye-passing the filter.
R-R PIII - fuel delivery strainer The fuel strainer is mounted at the rear of the engine 'V' and is bolted onto the cam chest cover.  The bridge piece under the strainer clamps the feed pipe from the water pump and the drain from the carburettor overflow valves.
R-R PIII - crank case breather - parts

The crankcase breather in pieces.  It looks simple enough but the main body is a masterpiece of the caster's art.  The body comprises three inter-connected chambers with the purpose of allowing gases to escape but returning any oil back to the sump.  The small union drains collected oil via a pipe into the top of the oil float assembly.

Cleaning is a nightmare as access is very restricted.  The union for the drain pipe was completely blocked with oil sludge.  The main casting required gentle heating with a blow torch before the two unions could be released.

Access to and removal of this component are simple so cleaning should really form part of regular servicing.

R-R PIII - crank case breather So it is not just a piece of pipe!
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