Rolls-Royce Phantom III - cleaning oil supply pipes


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R-R PIII - banjo bolt A dirty banjo bolt.  The twist drill has been pushes into the bore and has displaced the sediment through one of the side holes shown a 'A'.  It takes about 5 minutes to properly clean each of these bolts; the aluminium sealing washers will be renewed.
R-R PIII - pipe cleaner One end of the oil pipe shown next to my trusty pipe cleaner.  The latter is electrical flex with enough insulation removed for the wires to be formed into a brush of the appropriate diameter to scrape the pipe wall.  Depending on their construction and size each pipe takes between one and two hours to clean properly.
R-R PIII - pipe boring

This is the first pass of the wire between the two centre unions on the 'B' pipe.  The pipe section is only 1" long yet the amount of debris pushed out is amazing - it is incredible that any oil managed to get to the top of the engine at all.

When I first bought the car the valve oil filter gauze had been installed up-side-down so that no filtering was taking place.


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R-R PIII - main bearing oil supply pipe

The main bearing oil supply pipe - a swine to clean due to its shape and the fact that it is made of two different diameters; narrow at the ends and wide in the centre.  All pipes have been cleaned using various sized 'brushes', compressed air and aerosol carburettor cleaner.


Patience and diligence are the only skills needed.  Remember that some of the oil holes supplied are only a few thousands in diameter - any debris left in the supply line would negate all of the effort spent in the rebuild.

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