Rolls-Royce Phantom III - clutch cross shaft


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R-R PIII - clutch cross-shaft

The clutch cross-shaft in all its glory.

'A' - operating lever which is attached to the shaft by the rebated pinch bolt 'E' and a keyway.

'B' - Woodruff key

'C' - one of the two oil bleed holes through to the hollow shaft.   The lever end is blanked off so excess oil has to flow into the blind rebate holding the near-side bearing 'I'.

'D' - yokes for the clutch release bearing with its two locking pins.

'F' & 'I' - bearing races.

'G' - the two pin-ended  bolts that locate in the race slots and keep the bearings in position.

'H' - needle rollers. 36 for 'F' and 28 for 'I'.

R-R PIII - clutch x-shaft install


Re-installing the cross-shaft.  Insert the smaller, near-side, race and lock with the bolt; assemble the small bearing first.   The remaining bearing is built up from the outside with the shaft offset to the exterior by half the length of the other bearing - the needles can be held in place with masking tape.


R-R PIII - clutch x-shaft needles Close-up of how to get all the needles in one place at the same time.   Use a rubber band, tied off to roughly the correct diameter, to hold all of the needles.  Slide the shaft into the race; the band will be displaced and can be cut when the insertion is completed.  The same method works on the second bearing as well.
R-R PIII - clutch casing cleaned Clutch casing halves ready for the rebuild.
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