Rolls-Royce Phantom III - clean timing gears


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R-R PIII - Idle gear rear bush

As will be seen in the image below there are 4 oil slots, with cross-drillings, in each bush.  On the left:  'A' shows the only 'clear' hole - the remaining three were completely filled with sludge as shown at 'B'.

WARNING - if your engine is dirty then it is probably suffering the same blockages.  There are 2 bushes in the support block for the idler gear shaft PLUS the are 3 similar bushes on the distributor drive cross-shaft (2 on the 'A' side spacer and 1 on the outer side of the 'B' spacer).

R-R PIII - idler gear support

The cleaned support block for the idler gear shaft viewed from the inside (this face mates against the block and points to the back of the engine).  The larger bush on the left rubs against the back of the idler gear - note the scratches on the inside where debris has been embedded in the phosphor-bronze.  Fortunately there is no damage and the tolerances are still correct.

'A' is the oil inlet (see next picture).

'B' is the other end of the oilway; oil enters between the two bushes and then leaches along their slots.

'C' - the 2 locating lugs to ensure correct orientation upon re-assembly.

R-R PIII - idle gear rear

Assembled except for the nut - remember that it is left hand thread.

'A' shows the oilway that mates to the block and is gravity fed from the nearside distributer housing.

R-R PIII - clean dynamo drive

The cleaned dynamo drive components.

'A' drive shaft connects to the dynamo with the tripod spider at one end and to the spring coupling 'G' at the other - it is fully floating.

'B' centre tube which clamps to the bearing 'E'.

'C' support bracket that bolts to the engine block and supports the pinion 'D'.

'D' pinion that is driven by the idler gear (above) and into which is fitted the bearing 'E'.

'E' drive shaft bearing that is located in 'D' by the bracket 'F'.

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