Rolls-Royce Phantom III - off-side wing removed


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R-R PIII - o/s wing off

The off-side wing has been removed and gives a good view of the general layout. Despite its rusty appearance the chassis is in amazingly good condition.  The upper wish bone can be seen connected to the upper part of the spring / damper body which passes through the chassis frame.  The engine has lost a few more appendages such as exhaust pipes and manifolds, fan, distrbutors and coils.

Wing removal was my greatest dread - dozens of tiny nuts and bolts covered in paint; no doubt rusted and cross-threaded to boot.  The stone guard is easily detached - 6 bolts - 3 of which also disconnect the wing from the running board.  What an unexpected bonus!  The coachbuilders, Mayfair, may have my heartiest congratulations.  The wing is attached to its flitch plate by about 15 nuts and bolts. In the engine bay, at the rear, the upper chassis cover plate is also bolted to the flitch and wing. The beauty is that the whole assembly is then attached to the chassis, next to the bulkhead, with 2 bolts through the inner chassis and 3 bolts outside.  It took only 15 minutes to undo these fixings and lift the wings over the spare wheel support arms.

dwngsof.jpg (101816 bytes)

Both wings off!  A good shot of the front suspension layout.  On the engine off side are several items of note. 

A) Engine mounting foot, with the rubber core removed, allowing the engine to rest on the chassis support .

B) Above this, with 4 bolts and a pipe in and out, is the small filter for the valve system oil supply.

C) Behind the filter, at the other end of the short pipe, is the compound oil pressure relief valve which regulates the pressure at differing levels to appropriate sections of the engine.

D) Further back is a rectangular plate on which one can see 12 of the 15 studs and bolts; this is the blanking plate for what was originally an oil cooler - discarded from the design at an early stage.  When I acquired the car this had no gasket but was sealed, short term, by 'instant gasket'.  This gunge is useless at sealing joints but outstanding at sticking studs to castings - it took over a day to remove.


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