Rolls-Royce Phantom III  - engine out !


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R-R PIII - in the hoist

Done it !!!

The hoist has a half tonne payload so coped easily.   The straps are two ratcheted load straps - 15 each from the local car parts shop.   These are ideal as they do not mark the aluminium, can be used to adjust the engine angle whilst extracting, and have a safe load limit of 200kg each.

I removed the dynamo but decided to leave the starter and water pump in place.


R-R PIII - engine bay

A gratifying sight.  The carpet was placed under the car in case the output tube fell out of the bell housing.  It can not be removed in situ because of the chassis.  Fortunately, I managed to move the engine forward and retrieve it before gravity took over.  The elephant's trunk between the near side spare wheel supports is the heater feed hose.

Engine to gearbox alignment is dependant upon accurate location of the gearbox in the chassis cruciform.  This was originally set up by shimming the gearbox in the chassis and it is imperative that the rubber mounts are in good order.

R-R PIII - Engine front view  
R-R PIII - engine rear view

Front and back views of the engine.  Resting on three layers of finest Axminster to avoid damaging the sump.  Next job is to build an engine stand followed by the simple task of dismantling.  I've done the arithmetic and have convinced myself that it must be cheaper to give up work and do it yourself rather than work and pay someone else to rebuild it.


Self delusion is taking over!


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