Rolls-Royce 20/25 - more on wheel weights



painted weight cover



Whoever was responsible for painting these things needs standing against a wall and shooting! These are the covers for the wheel weights and they have been coated in thick primer-filler and then black paint. Whatever substance it is, it is like trying to flatten-off mud.

stripped weight cover



The only quick way to remove this awful mixture is to mount the covers in a press drill and cut off with a sharp blade and then polish with emery cloth.

The wheels are black with stainless spokes so the covers need to be black.

priming parts



The priming process. Furthest away are the conical top-washers that sit above the weight covers; then the base washers that clamp against the wheel rim to support the weights; nearest are the weight covers.

15 of each part: 45 in total. Two priming coats, preparation, top coats and baking.