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This section is included to pass on my thanks to those people and companies who have contributed in some way to the successful completion of the engine rebuild of 3CP196.  The entries are in no particular order with the exception of the first, my wife Kerry, to whom I owe the greatest debt for her support, patience and sense of humour - especially at those time when mine deserted me.

Name Company Thanks for...
Kerry - my wife   Thanks for your support, patience and sense of humour; for clearing the air when I had turned it blue, for tolerating the noxious odours emanating from the workshops, the piles of dirty clothes and an endless trail of components left to dry or cure on top of the Aga.
Ian Pinder RR&B Garages

Bromsgrove, Worcs. UK


Locating numerous hard-to-find parts, lending me tools and moral support.
Will Fiennes Fiennes Restoration

Little Clanfield, Oxfordshire, UK


Specialist engineering work on the crankshaft, con rods, bottom-end bearings, etc..
John Little John Little Ltd

Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK


The PIII guru who supplied numerous parts that otherwise would  have been unobtainable; also for his patience, information and sense of humour.
Steve Lovatt Ristes Motor Company Ltd

Nottingham, Notts. UK


Replacing valve seats and providing spares.
Tony Griffiths Silver Lady Classics

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK


Supplying all sorts of bits and pieces.
Mark Tuttle Phantom III Technical Society

Shadow Hills, California, USA


For his support and the provision of spares and information.
Philip Hall & Peter Baines Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club

Paulerspury, Northants. UK


For publicising this site and being able to provide tools and information from the Club's resources.
Tony and Paul Motaparts

Kidderminster, Worcs. UK


Supplying a never-ending list of cleaning materials and other consumables.
John and Melvyn Beard John Beard Ltd

Kidderminster, Worcs. UK


Supplying tools and equipment.
John Worrall Heart of England Morgans

Hartlebury, Worcs. UK


Supplying hundreds of stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers and other fixings.
Andrew Wood P&A Wood

Dunmow, Essex, UK


For taking the trouble to find out how certain procedures should be executed.
Phil Cordery +44-(0)1248-717808 Supplying spares.
Phil 'Monty' Montague Montague & Co



Supplying difficult to find components including a spare crankshaft.
Tim Green The Green Spark Plug Co

Sale, Cheshire, UK


Spark plugs and associated parts.
Michael Wood Rhodes-Wood & Co

Wolverhampton, Staffs. UK


Arranging the insurance covers needed but more importantly for his incredible enthusiasm and interest.
John Barker ('JB')   Help re-installing the engine and re-fitting the bodywork.
David McFayle Glacier-Vandervell

Kilmarnock, Scotland


For looking-up old bearing references, cross-referencing my US data and providing the suppliers and reference numbers for the UK.
All e-mail correspondents   For the amazing amount of interest and support generated from all over the world.  Special mention for Dr Raymond Cook with whom I have had a most enjoyable correspondence over many months.
  Auto Electric Supplies

Tenbury Wells, Worcs. UK


HT cable and other wiring supplies.
  Chemi-Kal Ltd

Kidderminster, Worcs. UK


Suppliers of Morris's oils.
  Burlen Fuel Services Ltd

Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK


Parts for the SU fuel pumps.
  Tracey Tools Ltd

Dartmouth, Devon, UK


BSF and BA taps and dies.
  Uni-Thread Ltd

Marldon, S. Devon, UK


Helical insert kits for repairing BSF stud holes.
  AE Autoparts Ltd

Bradford, N. Yorkshire, UK


Shell bearings for modification to the big ends.
  CBS Bearings

Kidderminster, Worcs. UK


Supplying all sorts of obscure bearings.
  Enginetech Inc

Carrollton, Texas, USA

For providing a down-loadable catalogue that enabled me to trace replacements for the big end shells.
  Vintage Supplies Ltd

Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK


Supplying various difficult-to-find fixings.

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