Rolls-Royce 20/25 - acknowledgements



It remains for me at this moment to thank everyone that has been involved with this rather major, but obviously successful job: -

• Richard Treacy in the first rank of course for his prudential, professional work, coming four times the hundred miles from Zürich to my place
• Stephe Boddice who so often assisted with advice and help in the most critical moments
• Norman Geeson who sent copies of the works drawings
• Charles Tobin who made the nice set of hub tools
• Philip Hall from the Hunt House who provided on short notice the special tools needed to dismantle and refit these big, serrated nuts
• Benno Müller for transporting these tools back and forth in his hand baggage
• the machine shop specialists from SIM at Berne for their work
• Will Fiennes who provided the majority of parts needed for this rebuild.


Jonas Trachsel, Switzerland.