Rolls-Royce 20/25 - assembling the rear axle





All of the pinion and carrier bearing parts cleaned and ready for assembly.

pinion nose bearing


Starting the rebuild.

using strap wrench


Using a strap wrench to tighten the bearing housing lock ring.

o/s diff case


Relative positions for the nearside differential casing.  All bearings were replaced during the rebuild.

spacing bearing



bluing teeth


Checking the gear mesh with engineer's blue prior to final assembly.

pinion backlash


Checking the input pinion mesh.  Note that the circlip for the pinion thrust bearing housing has not yet been fitted.

diff case assembled


Racing ahead.  The offside axle case and differential back in position.

checing assembly


Pinion housing installed.

fitting n/s axle case


Replacing the nearside axle case.

locating n/s axle case


Making sure that the cases are in the correct alignment.

axle assembled


The bracing bar back in place under the differential housing.  The centre of the bar is located in a bronze trunnion to allow for any slight movement.

assembled view


Ready for the chassis.

brake detail


A close-up shot of the rear brake shoes and control mechanism.