Rolls-Royce 20/25 - hub removal





As the first step in dismantling the axle it is necessary to remove the hubs.  By slightly depressing the outer lock ring it is possible to use a thin screwdriver to dislodge the circlip from the inner lip of the hub.

lock ring


Care should be taken as the circlip is removed as the internal coil spring is quite strong.

The grease cap, with the R-R logo, is shaped like a top hat.  Removal is achieved by removing the internal wire circlip from the threaded lock ring and then unscrewing the latter part using a serrated box spanner (part number R2851).  It should be noted that the retaining rings are handed and are stamped with direction of rotation on the ring face.

driving dog


After removing the spit pin and but from the half shaft.  The washer is machined to a specific thickness and should be kept with the other parts for that hub assembly.

dog exreactor


The driving dog is removed using the tool R2831, which has two bolts that screw into holes in the dog face and a central bolt that acts against the end of the half shaft.

There is another lock ring, the tube nut, threaded onto the internal axle tube, which is the fitting that keeps the hub attached to the axle.  Two of the three nuts are visible adjacent to the half shaft.  The three nuts and washers must be removed to allow extraction.

hub lock ring


The tube nut is handed and marked on its face with the direction of rotation.  The tool R2828 is a flanged tube spanner having three holes in the flange, that fit over the 2BA studs, and three sliding pins that locate in the holes in the nut.

hub nachining


This picture demonstrates the complexity of the machining to produce the hub.  The notches in the internal raised land, towards the outer end of the hub, are used to prevent the Dunlop wheel locking ring from rotating.



With all of the internal drive and locking components extracted the hub can be removed using tool R2837.  It is necessary to relax the foot and handbrake shoe adjustments before removing the hub.

The tool on the left is R2828 for removing the tube nut.

hub off


Hub removed.  The splines locate with the driving dog that, in turn, is internally splined and engages with the half shaft.  The outer wheel bearing is visible, butting up against the back of the splines that are stepped, at their inner ends, to give a stronger seat.

exreactor kit


This is the special tool set bought from Charles Tobin at the River Carriage Co in the USA.