Rolls-Royce Phantom III - installing the radiator


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R-R PIII - wiring junction box Due to the bodywork construction the radiator had to be lowered in from directly above its mounting.  When suspended roughly 6 inches above its mounting the radiator was tilted forwards slightly to facilitate the connection of the head lamp and horn wiring at the junction boxes at either side of the base plate.  This is far easier than trying to connect the wires from underneath after the radiator is in place.  The 'feed' leads were extended to enable this to be done.  The nuts are a very convenient 3BA.
R-R PIII - fitting radiator

Care bust be taken with every aspect of this operation. Nylon rope was used to make sure that the shell was not scratched.  Wing edges were covered with masking tape and the wings, fan and distributors were covered in thick towels to avoid damage.  It is also very easy to damage the core of the radiator.  As the radiator nears its centre mounting the drain pipe on the bottom hose / tap must be fed between the steering and suspension arms.

The side arms on the radiator are very close to the unit's centre of gravity so there is the added risk, if the rope slips off, that the whole thing will spin over!

R-R PIII - almost back together

Deja vu!  Only the radiator cap and spare wheels to fit.

Well; plus the front floor boards, tools, carpets - a good clean and polish - MOT test - cancel the SORN and get a new Road Fund Licence...

and I thought that it was all over!

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