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R-R PIII  - radiator steam valve: side Side view of the later type radiator steam valve.
R-R PIII - radiator steam valve: top Top view of the valve showing the spring-loaded outlet ball.
R-R PIII - radiator steam valve cover Steam valve housing.  The original bellows mechanism required this lid to be vented to the atmosphere whereas the later, ball valve type, needs a sealed lid.  This picture shows the vent holes after the vents holes have been soldered up.
R-R PIII - radiator temporarily installed

After timing the ignition the radiator was temporarily installed.   The water pipes were attached to the engine which was then filled with a weak solution of antifreeze and hot water - no leaks evident.

The ignition was switched on and the fuel pumps primed the carburettor - no leaks evident.

The starter button was press and after about one revolution the engine fired but did not start.  The hand throttle was opened slightly and a second attempt produced the same result.

With slightly more hand throttle applied the engine fired immediately and settled to a steady tick-over of about 800rpm with maximum oil pressure.

There are three minor adjustments to be made before the bodywork is re-fitted:-

1) one banjo connection in the 'V' is leaking oil

2) one petrol pipe union is leaking

3) the clutch adjustment needs refining.


But it started first time!!!


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