Rolls-Royce Phantom III - installing the camshaft


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R-R PIII - empty cam chest

The rear chamber of the cam chest.  There is a cavity above the cover plate flange that contained the residue of the gunge left over from when the block was cleaned.  It took 3 hours yesterday to make sure that all was clean.

Note the locating stud adjacent to each cam block stud.  The 6 holes behind the studs are the drains direct back into the sump.  There is a total of 24 drain holes in the cam chest.  Visible here is the oil supply hole above the rear (#8) camshaft bearing.

R-R PIII - attaching the camshaft bushes

Camshaft installed.  This shot shows the forward part of the chest - front of engine to the left.  On the right is #5 bush fitted onto its journal with the circlips in place.  Centre is #4 bush; the two halves ready to be combined - one circlip can be seen to each side.  #3 bush is absent; just the journal and cam lobes visible.

The #2 bush is inserted from outside the cam chest.  It is fitted to its journal behind the camshaft skew gear.  Bushes #6&7 are the same as #s 3&4; #1 can only be fitted once the shaft and other bushes are in place.

Prior to starting I coated the camshaft and all bush faces with STP to give a good lubricant surface.  Once the bushes #2 though #7 are clipped onto the shaft the complete assembly cam then be driven home.  This must be a delicate operation, despite the use of hammer and drift.  The shaft is gently pushed backwards, the bushes orientated so that their flat machined surfaces are horizontal, and each bush tapped rearwards until it buts up against the adjacent lobe.  The cam is then slid further in and the process repeated.

R-R PIII - camshaft in position Camshaft in position with bushes correctly seated.
R-R PIII - camshaft in position Same thing from a different angle.  It can be seen that the machined faces on the bushes are horizontal, ready to mate with the cam follower blocks, and that their vertical faces sit flush against the edges if the bridge pieces.
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