Rolls-Royce Phantom III - main bearing oil pipe


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R-R PIII - main bearing oil pipe

Main bearing oil pipe installed.  The banjo attachment to the bearing cap is sealed by an aluminium washer against the cap and a steel tab washer under the hollow-bolt head.  The oil supply enters the pipe, from the pressure relief valve, adjacent to the #3 bearing; this union also being sealed against the block with an aluminium washer.

Care is required, when fitting the tab washers, that the mating surfaces are not buckled (especially when using the PIIITS sets which are slightly thicker than original).  It is surprising how much time is spent in repeating this seemingly insignificant task.

Can you spot the mistake?  Look at 28th January 2003!

R-R PIII - rotating the block #1 A couple of pictures showing the engine being turned right-side-up.  As I do not have a swivelling engine stand it is necessary to lift the block onto two stout pieces of wood, gently roll it onto one head face then push the engine against the supporting rope as the hoist is lowered.  Once on its side, the engine can be brought upright using the hoist.  The sump has been temporarily attached for this purpose only.  Unfortunately, the sump must be removed to allow the crankshaft damper to be installed - another whizzy piece of design work!
R-R PIII - rotating the block #2  
R-R PIII - engine the right way up The engine safely back in its stand with plenty of room to remove the sump. 
R-R PIII - liner retaining bolts A close-up of the new liners - all held in place with one bolt and washer.  Better to go to this trouble than to risk the unlikely event of displacing a liner when turning the crankshaft.  The liners must stand proud of the mating faces by between 0.002" and 0.003".
R-R PIII - empty cam chest A rare sight - a clean and empty cam chest viewed from the rear.  Note the cast bridges that hold the cam bearings in place.  Also note the opposing bolt and lug arrangement used to locate and secure the cam follower blocks.
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