Rolls-Royce Phantom III - camshaft removal


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R-R PIII - Front cam bush

With the cross shaft removed the camshaft cam be driven forward until the bushes are clear of their retaining bridges.  This is best done by gently tapping the rear of the camshaft with a soft-faced mallet.

This picture shows the front bush and number 1 cam lobe emerging.

R-R PIII - Cam bush circlip The scribe is resting on the end of one of the wire circlips holding together the two halves of a camshaft bush.
R-R PIII - Cam extraction Giving birth!
R-R PIII - Cam bush & circlips Number 6 bush with circlips.
R-R PIII - Cam bush set

A full set of bushes.

Below - the camshaft in remarkably good condition.

R-R PIII - Camshaft

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