Rolls-Royce Phantom III - dirty rocker assembly


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R-R PIII - one dirty rocker assembly One of the four rocker assemblies.  The pedestals have been rotated through 180 degrees give a better view.
R-R PIII - rocker pedestals

The four pedestals from one of the rocker shafts showing all faces.  These have been converted from hydraulic to solid lifters.

Each shaft operates three cylinders, or six valves.  The outer pedestals contain one plunger whereas the inner two are twinned.

R-R PIII - broken rocker shaft

The 'A' side front rocker shaft split through at a pedestal bolt drilling.  This is evidently a common problem caused by either a loose pedestal nut or uneven tightening during assembly.

In operation it does not cause any noise as the collar holds everything in place BUT the crack creates a serious pressure loss and therefore poor oil supply.

R-R PIII - rockers A general view of the three pairs of rockers from one shaft.
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