Bentley 3.5 Litre - interior views


Bentley 3.5 dash board

Dash board

Standard instrument layout on a burr veneer board.  The two silver knobs on the header rail are for wiper over-ride and parking - allowing the windscreen to be opened.  The cigar lighter is visible above the ashtray; both sited to the left of the centre dial plate.  The heater is an early Smiths unit with two foot-doors plus outlets for the windscreen de-mister.


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Bentley 3.5 interior

Interior layout

Pale grey leather to front and rear complimented by matching carpets and head-lining.  The tool set is mounted in shaped trays set into the  frames beneath the two front seat squabs.  The rear floor drops under each front seat to give outstanding leg room for the rear passengers.



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