Rolls-Royce 20/25 - engine removal


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A useful gadget for lifting engines that allows the angle to be altered to avoid obstacles.  This is particularly helpful when working solo.

locating pin



The front sub-frame is not only clamped but located laterally by this pin, which passes through the tubular cross-member.  The front of the engine has to be lifted to clear the pin before the rear can be manoeuvred away from the bulkhead.

steering column



The engine has to be shifted to the left to take the rear leg clear of the steering column whilst ensuring that the head does not damage the oil tank and Autovac.

exhaust pipe



It would have made life easier if the magneto pedestal had been removed. 

move headlights



The headlamps had to be rotated to make enough room for the engine to be withdrawn forwards.  The lights will be removed before re-installation to allow more room.

engine stand



Engine out and being lined up to the engine frame.


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