Rolls-Royce Phantom III engine compartment


Phantom III V12 engine

Near side view of the V12 engine.

The brass snake horn was specified by the original owner and is operated by squeezing a rubber bulb mounted under the dash board. Visible above the horn are the starting handle, wheel spanner and hammer. Attached to the bulkhead can be seen (from right to left) the jacking system oil reservoir, one-shot chassis lubrication system oil reservoir and, behind the carburettor, the charging system relays and fuse box.





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Phantom III engine o/s view

Off side view of the V12 engine.

At the front of the engine are the two twelve cylinder distributors. The nearer distributor controls the spark plugs on the outside of the cylinder banks, the further one those plugs located in the V. As you may have guessed there are 24 plugs in this engine. Ignition timing can be altered from the steering wheel, by moving a small lever,which inturn rotates both distributors. Fuel delivery is via a single twin choke carburettor.

Hidden beneath the exhaust manifold are two oil filters - the larger filter dealing with all engine oil straight from the pump with the small unit further straining the oil before it passes on to lubricate the valve gear on both banks.




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