Rolls-Royce Phantom III dashboard

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Phantom III dashboard

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The general layout of the dashboard is conventional, incorprating the usual clocks, dials and switches. Intersting features are the cigar lighter on top of the cant rail to the left of the steering wheel with the glass tell-tale eye beneath. The swith box to the right of the steering wheel incorporates a lock (positioned at 2 o'clock) that disables the ignition switch yet allows the parking lights to be operated. Moving anti-clockwise is the ignition switch which allows the exhaust side, inlet side or all sparkplugs to operate. The next button operates the starter motor and the thumb switch acts as the battery isolator and light switch. To the right are two more switches, the upper operating the rear window blind and the lower the dash lights. Beneath the switch box can be seen the rubber bulb to sound the snake horn mounted under the bonnet.

Beneath the dash board, to the left of the steering wheel, are two levers; the left hand one is depressed by foot and lubricates all moving parts on the chassis and steering systems; the right habd lever operates the scuttle mounted fresh air vent.

The horn push has the facility to blow either soft or loud notes. The three lever situated round the boss operate the hand throttle, ignition advance/retard and ride control. This latter lever can modulate the shock absorber resistance from soft to hard ride.

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